//Who wants to speak at dasSMACC?

smaccDUB is dead, long live dasSMACC!

Planning for DasSMACC is well underway and we already have a strong picture of how it will unfold. However, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions… though we also reserve the right to ignore them!

Things will be different at DasSMACC. For the first time, the main 3-day SMACC conference will be entirely one single track. In other words, there will not be any concurrent talks. This means that anyone who stands on stage needs to be prepared to give the talk of their life in front of a crowd of nearly two-and-half-thousand people in an imposing venue: the amazing Tempodrom.

We invite submissions for talks, presentations, debates and panel discussions at DasSMACC as well as ideas for workshops or pre-conference mini-symposiums. In particular, we hope to bring a focus on well-presented approaches to clinical problems and the application of research at the bedside. You may self-nominate or nominate another person. Anyone who is advertising a product or is financially conflicted doesn’t stand a chance, so don’t bother making a submission.

For smaccDUB there were hundreds of submissions, and the majority were excellent ideas. We expect a similar response this time. Unfortunately, due to these numbers, we cannot respond to people individually as to why they were not selected. It does not mean the submission was bad, just that there are only so many spots and the mix has to be right. As I’ve said before, there is a world of awesome people and awesome ideas out there.

It is worth noting that speakers inevitably have to pull out for various reasons, sometimes at the last minute, and we often turn to our database of submissions to find the right substitute. Also, submissions may be revisited for inclusion in future SMACC events.

If you’re up for it make a submission, see where it leads, and help make dasSMACC the best SMACC yet!

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