Final challenge - Northern vrs Southern hemispheres
Braude - Don't DSI - RSA- rapid sequence airway
Kovacs - Anyone can intubate or not- teaching airway skills the anti-fragile way
DAS guidelines - O'Sullivan
Strayer - Leisurely laryngoscopy
Fisher - The Greatest Presentation in the World… Tribute
Suman Biswas - Prick with a needle
Kass - The FemInEM Story
Viggers - How Medical Students Can Choreograph Their Own Education
Evans - Playing the Long Game: Commitment, marginal gains and self-compassion
Hofmeyr - Going Wild: Lessons from Wilderness Medicine
Thomas - Oh s**t, they’re bombing our hospital! Is this a new paradigm for war?
Henwood - PURE: Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Resource-limited Environments
Carr - The Aorta Will %$#@!& You UO
Knight - Management of extra-cranial injuries in patients with TBI
Brindley - Teamwork
Leuck - Remembering Rory: Sepsis and Learning from Error
Henry - Hospital handover of major trauma - make them listen
Nichol - Cooling the injured brain
Radecki - Stroke emergency! don't have a stroke.
O'Leary - The neurosurgeons aren't idiots. honestly.
Smith - Controversies in Brain Death
Talbot - Small Packages, Big Lessons
Flower Finfer - Transfusion trigger TBI
Horeczko - Paed-Iconoclasm: Breaking the Myths without Breaking Your Patient
Horeczko - Paed-Iconoclasm: Breaking the Myths without Breaking Your Patient
Davies - Spotting the sick child
Maitland - Should we transfuse the sick child in Africa
Psirides - Why your hospital is broken
Baca - Tactical medicine in response to the active shooter
Hruska - Biomarkers in the ED - useful or useless
Weingart - Post intubation sedation
Slabbert - Fatigue, the enemy unseen
Leuck - Does the early bird catch the worm
Hicks - Into the deep - Developing the resuscitative collective unconscious
Plunkett - Learning from excellence
Amrein - Critical care no place for a woman
Brent May - Motorcycle Simulation
Amrein vs Rubulotta - The ICU is no place for the elderly
The Golden Fleece, Golden Hour & Golden Rule
Critical care in difficult contexts
Emergency Interventions in African Children: What Next?
Holley Slabbert - Prehospital doctors add little value in trauma
Braude Brohi - It is time to throw away the hard collar
Smith Wilson - Neurocritical care improves outcomes in severe TBI
Hicks Petrosoniac - Trauma year in review
Psirides Gary - DNR default
smaccforce - Van der Velde - Force rant- Is it the skillset or the background that counts
smaccforce - Tooley - Challenges in the prehspital management of sick kids
YOUNG MACHADO - Top 10 crit care trials of the recent past
Beardsell Swami - Submassive PE should be thrombolysed
smaccforce - Wubben - Standards in HEMS - what standards
smaccmini - May Macnamara - What's it like to be a young person with critical illness
Valois Fox - POCUS is a problem
EM is a failed paradigm
EM Year in Review
Zen and the art of trauma surgery
The PEA Paradox
Arrested development
The problem of disproportionate critical care
Minor injuries major trauma!
The impromptu immediate responder
Taking Outdoors Education Indoors
Leadership not just for men
Why I think A is for antibiotics
gut feelings
princess bride
To Suture or Not to Suture
Acid Base Disturbances
Trauma Simulation Scenario
Episode MMXIV, The GC
Vader breathes again..
Fabulous Felines of FOAMed