#smaccQUEST is a photo scavenger hunt where we challenge YOU seek out and take photos of people/objects/places during the dasSMACC conference. There are some fantastic prizes to be won and a lot of fun to be had!

There are two components to #smaccQUEST

  1. The Key Quest Challenge (20 points each)
  2. Bonus Quest Challenges (2-4 points each)

To complete #smaccQUEST, you must complete all 3 key challenges by lunch time of the final day. To improve your chances of winning #smaccQUEST, you can also choose to complete as many bonus challenge pictures as you like


The Questers Prize: All delegates who complete the 3 daily challenges will be offered EARLY REGO to smacc2019!
For the delegates with the greatest amount of points (daily quest + bonus):
*1st Prize: Full registration to smacc in 2019
*2nd & 3rd Prize: 1/2 registration to smacc in 2019
*In the case of a tie, the winner will be drawn from a hat of tied entries

Here are the challenges!

Key Quest Challenge (20 points each)

  1. Take a photo with someone in a different specialty/ seniority as you with a quote of what inspires them about their job (this can be a photo with accompanying quote or max 15 second video)
  2. Take a picture of a quote/key take home message/mind map you’ve written about a talk/session at smacc
  3. Take a photo with a new friend you’ve made at smacc who is from another country. Share something you’ve learned from them (<50 words or up to 15 second video)

Bonus Quest Challenges: (2 points each)

  1. Screenshot of a tweet, instagram or facebook post you’ve posted about a dasSMACC talk. Must use the hashtag #dasSMACC
  2. Photo with you posing/copying a dasSMACC bear
  3. Photo of the iSimulate REALITi Control in “Review Mode” to show how useful it can be for debriefing simulations. Include @isimulate if you post on twitter!
  4. Photo of you at the Reichstag or Checkpoint Charlie
  5. Photo with a Smacc Junior volunteer
  6. Photo of a subcostal view view of the Philips ultrasound model’s heart. Include @PhilipsLumify if you post on twitter.
  7. Take a photo demonstrating the proper arm position for insertion of a proximal humerus Teleflex EZ-IO. Include @teleflexinc if you post on twitter!
  8. Photo with you & either smaccRUN, smaccYOGA or SMACCKaraoke
  9. Photo of delegates making “dasSMACC” using their bodies
  10. Find the SonoSite Croc Dundee, take a photo of you diagnosing why he is ‘under distress’
  11. Photo of the Clarius curvilinear ultrasound scanner transforming into a linear scanner. Include @clariusmhealth if you post on twitter!
  12. Photo of you or a delegate posed like Rodin’s thinker outside the tempodrome
  13. Selfie outside or inside a Berlin hospital, pharmacy or ambulance
  14. Photo with the learnECMO crew. Include @learnecmo if you post on twitter!
  15. Photo of the AMBU aScope disposable scope, demonstrating the benefits of single use.
  16. Jump shot or kung fu fighting shot in front of the tempodrome or inside the main arena with at least 2 other people. Legs must all be in the air and people must be clearly visible.
  17. Filling out a S-Cape safety checklist digitally while wearing a caresyntax hat. Include @caresyntax if you post on twitter!
  18. Photo of a thumb war on the steps of the tempodrome
  19. Photo outside the Blugibbon Aussie/German Kombi summing up your vision of the “Aussie Lifestyle”. Include @blugibbon if you post on twitter.
  20. Photo with yourself and a Berlin City Bear (statue)
  21. Photo at the Cook Medical booth of you or another delegate performing the Melker and Front of Neck Access procedure to establish emergency airway access.
  22. Photo of a delegate eating a german delicacy whilst reviewing an ABG
  23. Photo of you holding the CAE Healthcare TEE probe and wearing the Microsoft Hololens. Include @caehealthcare if you post on twitter!
  24. Photo recharging with Orion Pharma at one of their 5 charging stations. Include @OrionPharma if you post on twitter!
  25. Photo/video of you pretending to perform high quality CPR (on another person or mannikin) in a public area in Berlin
  26. Photo including a Karl Storz C-mac blade and pocket monitor.

Other Notes

To enter, take photos on your phone and save them. At morning, lunch or afternoon tea breaks of each day (latest time Thursday lunch), bring your photos to the registration desk for verification by one of our designated SMACC Junior volunteers.

We also encourage you to email your pictures to [email protected] with the subject #smaccSNAP, name and twitter handle or upload them on twitter and instagram using the hashtag #smaccQUEST. We also request that if possible, you email your three key quest challenges to [email protected] with the title #smaccQUEST and your name in the subject heading.

Please note that if photos involve other delegates, ensure that you have their consent to use the pictures for the competition. Please keep in mind that photos may be shown during the conference and/or shared online and on social media. Photos which are submitted in duplicate (ie, identical photos submitted from two different delegates) – will score no points.

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