Clare is an Emergency Physician with special interests in both simulation education and Retrieval Medicine. She currently works as the simulation lead of the Greater Sydney Area Helicopter Emergency Service. Outside of work Clare is a regular yoga practitioner, runner and enjoys exploring the world, especially to sample the food and wines of the globe. She’s really helped shape SMACC over the years and at Das SMACC she has a major role in the Simulation sessions.


Learning from Sim Part I: Critical Moments in the Prehospital Setting

This talk is the start of a three day smacc journey into simulation, introducing Leah before she enters the hospital system, beginning where life happens – the prehospital world.
Simulation is a tool which allows us to rehearse our skills and scenarios before they happen in real life, to real people, our patients. Many clinicians dislike simulation, they know it is good for them, but find it challenging to drop into a world of manikins, fear performing in front of their peers and find debriefs uncomfortable.
This talk will consider the purpose of simulation and its role in providing a safe working environment for clinical care anywhere.

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