Dara Kass, MD is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, where she also serves as the director of Equity and Inclusion for the Emergency Department.

She is the founder of FemInEM, an organization dedicated to the achievement of gender equity in emergency medicine. FemInEM serves as an open access resource for women in EM, a community focused on career development, physician support, and seeing women in medicine thrive. What began as a blog is now a movement, a multi-faceted community comprised women in medicine all over the world.

Dr. Kass lives with her husband and children in Brooklyn, New York.


Dara Kass is an assistant professor in EM at NYU/ Bellevue where she is the director of medical student programs. She is passionate about helping medical students navigate the waters of career development while innovating their EM- based educational experiences. Dara is also the founding editor in chief of FemInEM, an offspring of her combined passions for FOAM, social networks and highlighting the complex journey of the female physician. Her most notable accomplishments are the creation and curation of 3 amazing junior humans with her non-doctor husband Michael.

The FemInEM Story

Find out how FemInEM is working to address gender disparities in medicine while highlighting the struggles and successes of women practicing emergency medicine.
We accept that knowledge translation is critical to the practice of emergency medicine, yet when it comes to the practice of BEING an emergency physician, we do not always practice evidence based medicine. Once we realized that the experiences of many female emergency physicians were similar but not shared, we felt the need to create an open access resource to address that issue. FemInEM was born out of the real but unfortunate truth that the gender pay gap is alive and well and promotion of women through the academic pipeline is slow. Malignant behavior runs rampant within medical training and women experience unconscious bias at all levels of development. In addition, numerous studies have shown that women carry more of the “care-based” workload, regardless of employment status, compounding the work-life conflict felt by all working professionals. We will share the journey of how FemInEM began as a blog, but evolved quickly into a centralized resource for women needing advocates and champions. We will tell stories of how we are helping to change the conversation related to gender and equity in EM by highlighting the successful practices and programs supporting gender equity in an open access format. By using the principles of FOAM and the power of social media, we are trying to move the needle on gender and medicine in a way that hasn’t been done before.

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