Darren Braude


Darren Braude, MD, EMT-P is currently a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology and the Tim Fleming Professor of EMS at the University of New Mexico where he serves as the EMS Section Chief and Fellowship Director. He is the 2014 recipient of the ACEP National Teaching Award and serves as the International Medical Director for the Difficult Airway Course: EMS and faculty for the Difficult Airway Course: Emergency.   His academic interests include, but are definitely not limited to, airway management, cervical spine immobilization (or hopefully the lack thereof) and antiemetic agents.  He wrote a textbook entitled Rapid Sequence Intubation and Rapid Sequence Airway, 2nd Edition: an Airway911 Guide and hosts an occasional segment for EM:Rap.

Darren is still an EMS provider and drives an emergency response vehicle so he always has an excuse to get out of the hospital. He lives on a very small farm with his wife, son, dog, cats, three goats, three horses and 8 chickens.

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