Jo Ann originated from the world of academia, teaching and conducting research in the area of Exercise and Sports Science. She then moved across to the field of medicine spending eight years in Emergency Medicine before gaining a Fellowship in Clinical Forensic Medicine while working as a Forensic Physician at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine for the past 10 years. Jo Ann can’t leave the world of exercise and sport behind and still teaches aerobics and PT sessions, and coaches junior soccer with the altruistic pretence of “population health” while really using the sessions to take out the frustrations from her “grown-up” job. Jo Ann shares her frenetic lifestyle with two children, two golden retrievers, two turtles and thankfully only one police officer husband.

Forensic Medicine in Critical Care

Forensic medicine, or the application of medicine as it pertains to the courts, can apply to any field of medicine, but this is nowhere more true than in critical care, where assault, both physical and sexual, can bring medicine into contact with the sharp edge of the law.
Many doctors have an intuitive aversion to the courts as an adversarial and potentially hostile environment. A basic knowledge of forensic medical principles can assist in giving the practitioner confidence and in assisting the judicial process.
This workshop will cover: 1. a. Principles of injury interpretation, b. sexual assault examination and c. assessing fitness for police interview; 2. Small group sessions in a. physical and b. sexual assault examination and report writing and 3. Mock court in relation to a. physical and b. sexual assault cases.

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