Flavia is an intensivist and Professor of Intensive Care in the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. She works with the Latin America Sepsis Institute (LASI), a non-government organization devoted to quality improvement process and knowledge translation in Brazilian hospitals. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA), an international organization aiming to raise awareness about sepsis and also a member of the Executive Committee for the Brazilian Research in Intensive Care Network (BRICNET), a network of young healthcare professionals involved in high quality research in Brazil.


Peter Brindley interrogates: Flavia Machado
Sepsis, Brazil, Women in ICU… Who Cares?

A no-holes barred series of 6 provocative medical interrogations. We challenge the state of research, social media, pharmacology, social work, women in medicine, medicine in the developed work, and the health of healthcare workers. It should be novel, it may get heated, and it is not scripted. Sometimes to comfort the afflicted you also need to afflict the comfortable. This is why no prisoners will be taken, no topic is out of bounds, and no ego will be pampered. It may even offend: you have been warned.

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