Gaynor is an Emergency Physician from Perth, Australia with a passion for ultrasound. She’s travelled the world both with medicine and adventuring and has worked in South Africa, UK, NZ and Australia. She has been an expedition doctor on trips to Mongolia, Baffin Island, Nepal, the Amazon and the Australian outback. She’s into mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding.


SonoBYTE: Ultrasound in Extreme Environments

South pole…North pole, hot…cold, on earth…in space, below the sea…on Mount Everest, alone and far, far away. Ultrasound will make these extreme environments less intimidating for the doctor by enhancing your diagnostic capability, honing your therapeutic management and fitting into your pocket. This is a brief tale of a journey to Antarctica with a Phillips Lumify ultrasound. Find your passion and reach for the stars.

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