A passionate advocate for the enormous potential of Human Beings, a survivor of the London Bombings and subsequent double amputee, I have devoted my ‘2nd’ Life to promoting Humanity – what unites us is far greater than what divides.

To Do More than Survive
Day 1

The transformational impact of my care informed how I created a very different 2nd life. Admitted to hospital after being rescued from the horrific aftermath of a terrorist bomb blast, stripped of identity all I had was a wrist band with the words ‘One Unknown, Estimated Female’. What I was shown within those words was the deep connection Human Beings share – and how those who rescued me, those who never gave up trying to save my life did so regardless of the colour of my skin, my faith, my wealth, my gender, nothing mattered other than I was a human life. This informed and influenced the core of who I became

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