Iain is the Clinical Director of the University Hospital Southampton Emergency Department, a doctor with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and a member of the St Emlyn’s team. He has been lucky enough to attend all five SMACC conferences and given talks about chronic pain, wellbeing and thrombolysis in PE as well as overacting during Liz Crowe’s Communication Workshop.


 Iain Beardsell interrogates: Peter Brindley
Burnout, Blissful Ignorance and Addicted to SMACC

After getting his chance to interrogate SMACC Superstars the people finally get their chance to get their own back as everyman Iain Beardsell asks the questions that everyone wants an answer to. Covering a wide range of topics it will focus on Peter’s previous SMACC talks, including subjects such as teamwork and burn out and no doubt reliving his interviews across the week.

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