Leanne is an Emergency Physician at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia. From the streets of Rockingham she made her way to UWA, graduating from medicine with honours in 2000, and completing her fellowship in 2010. Under the guidance of Dr Adrian Goudie and Dr James Rippey she has since achieved the Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound, and has spoken at several meetings and conferences including SMACC DUB last year. Otherwise known as Sonogirl, Leanne is a lover of ultrasound and ultrasound education at work, and food, wine, flag rugby and holidays at all other times… and SMACC has magically combined them all (well…if we could just get a rugby game going…)



Bedside ultrasound can be super helpful in assessing and managing the sick patient. This learning opportunity that I’ll be sharing at dasSMACC was provided to me by a lovely 65yr man who presented to ED late one Tuesday evening last year. From a brief history, examination and bedside echo we were able to diagnose him with acute pulmonary embolism with right heart strain and residual thrombus in his right atrium. This is an uncommon scenario but is associated with high mortality if left untreated or treated with anticoagulation alone, and patients have much better odds of surviving with thrombolysis or embolectomy.

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