Liz is an advanced clinician paediatric social worker with expertise in critical care in paediatric tertiary hospitals. She is currently a PhD student examining staff wellbeing of risk and protective factors in the PICU with a view to inform interventions to build resilience and capacity for all health care staff. Liz is a passionate and humorous educator who regularly speaks internationally. She is the successful author of ‘ The Little Book of Loss and Grief You Can Read While You Cry” and is a proud member of the St Emlyn’s educators on #FOAMed and can be found on Twitter @LizCrowe2



“Meeting of the Tribes” brings together clinicians from a broad range of health professions–including medicine, nursing, social work, and physiotherapy–to explore interprofessional issues in critical care. In addition to their clinical work, panelists have unique perspectives on education, simulation, and resilience in healthcare. In discussing issues related to tribalism and their implications for interprofessional practice, we will explore what it will take to overcome a tribal mentality in the service of improved patient care. In this session, we will strive to: (a) present a snapshot of the status quo, (b) explore key issues and their implications for clinical practice, and (c) envision of future of enhanced interprofessional collaborative practice.


Peter Brindley interrogates: Liz Crowe
Love, Swearing and Resilience

A no-holes barred series of 6 provocative medical interrogations. We challenge the state of research, social media, pharmacology, social work, women in medicine, medicine in the developed work, and the health of healthcare workers. It should be novel, it may get heated, and it is not scripted. Sometimes to comfort the afflicted you also need to afflict the comfortable. This is why no prisoners will be taken, no topic is out of bounds, and no ego will be pampered. It may even offend: you have been warned.



Critcal care is viewed from different perspectives. How to clinicians, patients and families experience this life changing part of the health care system?

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