Michelle find bios perplexingly difficult to write. She is an Emergency Physician who has worked for an improbable number of years at Royal Perth Hospital. She declares herself unswervingly disorganised, avoiding almost all administrative duties, to the detriment of having any career advancement whatsoever. This, however, has resulted in a surprising enjoyment of work, and thus, she hopes, career longevity. She teaches a good deal, and finds the passing of medical experience onto trainees immensely rewarding. She also writes. A lot. Her first novel is to be published in 2018. It’s a weirdy thing, full of strange medical occurrences and an abandoned hospital, but it has given her enormous pleasure over a great many years.


In Honour of the Clot (Consider the Lobster)

A talk about David Foster Wallace, evolution, and what do when the thrombolysis bisque hits the fan.

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