Simon is a Professor of Emergency Medicine in Manchester. He co-founded the St.Emlyn’s blog and podcast and loves to share the little he knows with as many people as possible through disruptive internet based technologies. He works in both paediatric and adult trauma centres whilst maintaining an interest in research and education. He is married to Fiona who is an Ophthalmologist and Professor of Medical Education in Manchester. For fun he likes to ride bikes, travel and to spend time with his growing family. He became a doctor when he realised he was not good enough to be a professional flautist.



This session brings together a panel of educators with a track record of innovation and design in medical education. The panel wil explore the past, present and most importantly the future of how we will teach and learn critical care. We will explore the future changing role of the medical educator from one of information delivery and assessment to co-learner and developer. Will new technologies really change education or simply form adjuncts to traditional learning models. Get involved and tweet your questions to #SMACCMedEd

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