Andrew Petrosoniak and Chris Hicks are both emergency physicians and trauma team leaders at St. Michael’s Hospital, and both hold the rank of Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Petro is taller; Chris, is older yet (arguably) better looking. Both take an active interest in medical education and simulation — Petro likes in-situ simulation, Chris is more of a human factors guy. The two are collaborators on TRUST, an in-situ simulation-based study examining design ergonomics, human factors and latent safety threats in trauma care. Did we mention that Petro is taller?

The Sick and the Dead: Evidence-Based Trauma Resuscitation in 2016

Drs. Hicks and Petrosoniak debate the merits of recent trauma literature to help guide your next resuscitation
Resuscitation of the critically ill trauma patient involves a myriad of high-stakes, time-sensitive management decisions. The landscape is shifting rapidly: new evidence on hemostatic resuscitation and component therapy in hemorrhagic shock, peri-arrest point-of-care ultrasound, novel approaches to resuscitative thoracotomy and trauma RSI have at once clarified and muddied the waters. In this rapid-fire, case-based session, Petro and Hicks will debate some of the recent and potentially practice changing literature to assist with key inflection points in the care of the sickest — and sometimes deadest — trauma patients, and engage in some trauma dogmalysis in the process.

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