Ashley Voss-Liebig is a US Army Veteran, HEMS Flight Nurse and Helicopter Rescue Specialist with Austin Travis County STARFlight. Ashley is the future author of the book titled ‘Walk Fast, Talk Loud’. A jack-of-all-trades (or unfocused goldfish), Ashley’s passions include, leadership, ECMO, PHARM, mental health and taking care of one another. She is a purveyor of and enthusiastic advocate for Free Open Access Medical Education (#FOAM). Ashley serves on the organizing committee for the Social Media and Critical Care Conference, is faculty for The Teaching Course and Associate Editor for the Injectable Orange Blog and Podcast.

The Golden Fleece, Golden Hour & Golden Rule

Myths and legends that have stood the test of time, guiding behaviors and attitudes in EM.
Time tested rules and myths explored in a real life adventure, meant to honor and display the courage, commitment and sacrifice made by emergency medicine and critical care professionals around the globe. In a painfully honest reflection, Ashley crushes stigma and leaves us acutely aware of how our words and actions affect our colleagues and those that we love.

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