I am an anaesthetist by trade, with a critical care interest, having set out to be a trauma surgeon. I am experienced in the use of simulation, and now run a Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre for the University of Dundee. I have, together with surgical, psychological, nursing and physiotherapy colleagues, designed and implemented a new bariatric surgery service for NHS Fife in Scotland. I am am amateur pre-hospitalist, working in motorsport, largely in remote and rural environments. I fly a 60 year old aircraft, and try not to put too many pictures of airplanes in my presentations. I usually fail.

(How to stop) Bariatrics going Bad

How can we modify a patient's journey through bariatric surgery service to make it safe and efficient?
Obesity surgery can induce strong responses in healthcare professionals. These biases must be overcome to allow efficient and safe services. The obese patient presents some challenges to the anaesthetist, some of which are underestimated, others overestimated. Building a team to deliver a new service presented significant obstacles which were overcome successfully to deliver complex surgery in high risk patients with a medical length of stay of 36 hours, and a minimal complication rate.

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