I’m a consultant in Emergency Medicine from Northern Ireland. I’m fed up with excessive financial barriers to high fidelity in-situ simulation training. I love new gadgets, so had to think of a good reason to justify the purchase of a 3D scanner. 4 young kids who steal my iPad regularly. No medical publications but did get a poem published in my primary school newsletter….

Stop Complaining, Start Making... 3D print your own Sim Stuff

Novel application of 3D printing technology to facilitate low cost, high fidelity Simulation teaching.
Discover how 3D scanning and printing can be used to develop low cost but high fidelity simulation training equipment. An introduction to free, open access Design software and affordable Compact 3D scanners. Cut out the middle men and save your department $$$ by making your own training manikins. Surgical airway trainer, central line insertion phantom, even an ultra-low cost video laryngoscope can easily be created without learning how to use complex 3D software packages.

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