Chief cook and bottle washer, Emergency physician and director, As-pro agony aunt and magician, Dreamer and doer, driving #harmonyinhospitals for happiness and health for patients and providers in this weird and wonderful world. Wondering what if?

Chief Medical Informatics Officer- I could do that !

Finding fun and fortitude in failure
It’s natural that as doctors we fear failure. In Health, never has so much been asked by so many of so few. Every day feels like a battle zone. Engage a Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) to introduce technology. That will save us. Established with structure, status and enough support to create and translate innovative models of change in the mindsets of clinicians and healthcare politicians alike, this role could work. However reality is so different. So lets understand failing early to succeed sooner, simplifing and standardising the clinical arena for clinician interoperability, and driving clinician inclusion in the business of health.

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