I was once described in the telegraph as a tall South African female doctor with the looks and determination of an Amazonian warrior, but I’m just another passionate Critical Care Anesthesiologist traveling the globe with my blended accent and my love for excellent resuscitative and critical care, delivered any time, any place and anywhere. I like open plan living and I’m going to get myself a kayak soon… If I was a better liar, I probably would have been a spy.

Bare Knuckle Trauma Debate: There's no denying it - Prehospital doctors add plenty of value in trauma

Shining a spotlight on the value that prehospital doctors can add in the care of trauma patients.
Ever wondered if prehospital doctors add LITTLE or LOTS of value in trauma? Ever wondered if an Amazonian Warrior Girl can take on a Kangaroo Aussie Military Man? If you are looking for level-1 evidence on either of these topics, you are in the wrong room! But stick around, it will sure be entertaining & enlightening. Show me anyone who doesn’t like a full-contact bare knuckle debate. Bring it on!

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