Consultant in Anaesthetics, Critical and Pre-hospital care in the UK. I am the Clinical Director or our emergency department, Prehospital Lead for our Trauma Network and Medical Director for a number of UK Fire & Rescue Services and six UK Police Force Firearms and Public Order teams.
I have worked in Pre-hospital care and retrieval medicine for over 25 years and established the International ATACC Faculty nearly 18 years ago. I am a huge supporter of innovative education, simulation, SMACC and FOAM.

Member of the Tactical Panel discussion

Tactical trauma care in an urban civilian environment

Following the tactical demonstration we will open the discussion regarding the principles and methods of tactical trauma care demonstrated and how they vary across the globe. We will highlight the importance of realistic, immersive simulation for your teams and how they train to selectively and progressively ramp up their skills, based on the current risks and injuries involved.

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