I’m a Consultant Neonatologist living and working in Western Australia with a passion in neonatal retrieval and providing tertiary level/ kick-ass neonatal intensive care regardless of geography. I’m obsessed with point of care ultrasound and lead in implementing lung ultrasound within neonatology in Australia. I enjoy teaching newborn airway management, resuscitation and advanced procedural skills to remote health care professionals as part of rural outreach education, NETS WA and the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.
Twitter: @tisheewoods

Sick Neonates are Simple!

Get inside the mind of a newborn and go back to your fetal state to unlock the key to caring for sick neonates.
Neonates are a nightmare.. until you appreciate the physiological transitioning required in the journey from fetal to neonatal state in the big outside world. Learn to understand the challenges faced by not-quite-ready-yet premature babies to those with critical physiology gone wrong and unlock the key to providing quality neonatal intensive care. Take the fear out of caring for newborns and in performing emergency care procedures. Don’t fly blind, use your tuned in clinical awareness and tools such as point of care lung and cardiac ultrasound. Apply your revised empathy and understanding of a journey you once made and learn how to think again like a baby!

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