John Greenwood is an Emergency Medicine trained intensivist University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He completed his emergency medicine & critical care medicine training at the University of Maryland. Half of his clinical time is spent working in Penn’s Heart & Vascular ICU and the other half developing a new ED-ICU that is scheduled to open this summer.

He is the co-creator of and a co-host of the CCPEM podcast.

Assault on the RV – Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart-Lung Interactions

Pulmonary hypertension is commonly seen with critical illness, and the resuscitationist must be prepared to tackle this complex problem.
Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is commonly encountered when managing the patient with an acute critical illness. The impact of PH on cardiac function can be devastating if it is not quickly recognized. The goal of this talk is to arm clinicians with some simple techniques to predict and assess for complications of PH, identify the resuscitation targets in a crashing patient with PH, and finally review some major pitfalls in the management of the patient with PH.

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