Previous winch paramedic, now anaesthesiologist working with London´s Air Ambulance. Strong believer in evidence-based practice. Enjoy the challenge of combining critical care with academic activity while having that good work-life balance.

How to do Prehospital Research

How can you build evidence by combining academic activity with pre-hospital critical care practice
Combining academic activity with pre- and in-hospital clinical practice is hard work. So why should you do it? Are you a strong believer that care should be evidence-based and that this principle also pertains to pre-hospital practice? Do you believe that the nature of the pre-hospital environment does not allow automatic extrapolation of in-hospital evidence to the field? Do you believe in the relevance of critically appraisal of practice to identify areas of improvement, areas of harm, and to optimise a resource-effective practice? If so, lets discuss how to do pre-hospital research

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