I work as an Intensive Care Specialist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. In addition to this am also the Director of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Unit at RPAH. Am lucky that my job allows me to divulge in my passions of Organ donation, Communication and Echocardiography. My biggest achievement is juggling my career with being a mom to 2 kids whose lives appear to be busier than mine.

Dying to Heal - the challenges of DCD donation

An overview of the challenges and ethical dilemma's faced by a clinican involved in DCD donation
Overview of the evolution of DCD donation. The challenges of prognostication in controlled DCD and uncontrolled DCD. When can we be certain that death is irreversible? Various methods employed in prognostication of “dying within the timeframe” required for DCD. Susceptibility of organs to warm ischaemia.

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