Per P. Bredmose


Danish Expat moved to Norway. The scandinavian anaesthetist = multihandler of the critical care patient all along the line. Works in Oslo, lives in Oslo but travels all over…. patient care where the patient is. Major interests: retrieval medicine, PHC, (trying to) -phd-ing on insitu simulation for prehosp services, ECMO and much more… woods, mountains, sun, snow…

How I use inhaled Nitric Oxide -iNO

Inhaled nitric oxide is extremely usefull for creating a "bridge" to other options as well as in resuscitation on pulmonary hypertension
Inhaled nitric oxide, iNO, is usefull for retrieval and transport of the critical respiratory failure patient. Also, there is a well documented role in the retrieval of the newborn with pulm HT, PPHN or resp failure. Its used in retrieval as well as ICU settings.

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