Angela Tonge

Angela is a Clinical Team Leader and Advanced Social Work Practitioner in the ICU at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. She has practiced in both adult and paediatric health care settings in Australia and Ireland. Her greatest personal triumph has been to sail (as part of a crew) a yacht across the Tasman. Her greatest mental triumph was being the only female member of that crew. She loves to sail, the water is her happy place until it tries to kill you. she loves sport, travel, the Brisbane Lions and the All Blacks (Kiwi born and bred).

Jenny Holman

Jenny Holman has worked as a Clinical Nurse Consultant / Organ Donor Coordinator at Royal North Shore, Sydney Australia since 2009. Her background includes decades in neuro ICU and palliative care. She is passionate about good end of life care and communication, bereavement, self-care in the workplace, and is a SMACC addict. Jenny particularly enjoys caring for patients and their families from diverse cultures as they navigate the difficult journey of end of life care.
In her other life she is an avid swimmer, reader, mother of 3 young adult children, has a husband of 30 years, is an appalling cook and lover of anything sweet.

Liz Crowe

Liz is a senior Paediatric Social Worker in the PICU at the Qld Children’s Hospital, desperately trying to finish a PhD on Staff Wellbeing in the Critical Care environment via osmosis, successful author of “The Little Book of Loss and Grief You Can Read While You Cry”, a proud member of the St Emlyn’s team, mother of two, master of none.

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