Anne Starr

I am a nurse educator working at the Sydney Simulation Centre. I have a special interest in team based training, technologies supporting simulation and critical care. I like new challenges and innovations, and thinking outside of the box.
In-situ simulation happens in the workplace during working hours. It is team-based training that can be flexed and shaped to your weekly educational needs. Learn how to deliver quality, interdisciplinary training for your team: where they work, with their usual equipment, and with the people they have to rely on every day. You will understand the pros and cons of this powerful and low-cost educational tool so that you can develop a strategy for establishing an in-situ simulation program tailored to your workplace.

Catalina Sokoloff

Catalina is an Emergency and Critical Care Medicine physician from Canada and holds a full-time position at a tertiary level care center and university-affiliated hospital in downtown Montreal. Catalina has a deep passion for clinical teaching and inter-profressionnal education. She just completed the ICU and Simulation Fellowship at RNSH where she participated in the ICU in-situ simulation program and courses at the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre. Catalina is also interested in the articulation of care between the ED and ICU services, quality and safety in healthcare, ECMO, and neurocritical care.

Chris Nickson

Chris is an Intensivist at the Alfred ICU in Melbourne. He is also the Innovation Lead for the Australian Centre for Health Innovation and the Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) Education Committee. He has a passion for helping clinicians learn and for improving the clinical performance of individuals and collectives. After finishing his medical degree at the University of Auckland, he continued post-graduate training in New Zealand as well as Australia’s Northern Territory, Perth and Melbourne. He has since completed further training in emergency medicine, clinical toxicology, clinical epidemiology and health professional education. He coordinates the Alfred ICU’s education and simulation programmes and runs the unit’s education website, INTENSIVE. He created the ‘Critically Ill Airway’ course and teaches on numerous courses around the world. He is one of the founders of the FOAM movement (Free Open-Access Medical education) and is co-creator of, the RAGE podcast, the Resuscitology course, and the SMACC conference. His one great achievement is being the father of two amazing children. On Twitter, he is @precordialthump.

Jenny Rudolph

Jenny Rudolph is a life-long athlete who brings the joy of practice to mastery learning in healthcare education, especially feedback, debriefing, and speaking up. She researches, teaches, and writes about using ‘good judgment’ in difficult conversations. She serves as the Executive Director of the Center Medical Simulation which is dedicated to improving quality and safety in healthcare through experiential education.

Jess Butler

ICU Nurse practitioner with interest in simulations, education, multidisciplinary team building and all things ICU especially vascular access, case management and intra-hospital transports

Jesse Spurr

For his paid work, Jesse is a critical care nurse. Much to the dismay of his ever-patient (and infinitely more successful) wife, Jesse likes to use his “spare” time doing “volunteer” work in the form of conference organising, co-producing healthcare simulation podcast Simulcast, producing nursing practice development blog and podcast Injectable Orange, and all manner of other questionable healthcare and education pseudo-academic activities. A sport and functional fitness obsessive, Jesse classes himself a lifelong student of teaching, learning, health and human performance.

Jon Gatward

Jon is a Sydney-based Intensive Care Specialist with special interests and qualifications in medical education, simulation and debriefing. He likes to take simulation out of the Sim centre – running inter-professional scenarios in-situ in the Royal North Shore ICU. Jon is an organ donation specialist and lead trainer for the Organ and Tissue Authority Family Donation Conversation workshop. He has extensive experience with simulation training for difficult conversations. Jon is also an airway fanatic. He is the incoming President of the Safe Airway Society of Australia and New Zealand and runs the Critical Care Airway Management Course. He is also interested in patient safety and quality and is a member of the Best Practice Working Group at Intensive Care NSW: part of the Agency for Clinical Innovation. He loves spending time with his family: Caroline, Thomas and Holly.

Owen Milne

Simulation and Education Fellow at Royal North Shore Hospital ICU / Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Stephanie O’Regan

Stephanie is an educator who believes in the power of safe, well constructed and well facilitated simulated events to have a profound effect on behaviour, performance and culture in healthcare.

Victoria Brazil

Victoria Brazil is an emergency physician and medical educator from the Gold Coast, and at Bond University medical program. Victoria’s main interests are in connecting education with patient care – through healthcare simulation, technology enabled learning, faculty development activities, and seeing a few patients in ED. Victoria is an enthusiast in the social media and #FOAMed world (@SocraticEM), and she is co-producer of Simulcast ( Victoria Brazil.

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