Adam Rehak

Adam Rehak is a consultant anaesthetist at Royal North Shore Hospital and the coordinator of anaesthesia and airway training at the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (SCSSC). Creator of the ATTAAC airway management course, instructor on the CCAM course, and executive member of the ANZCA Airway Management Special Interest Group, Adam has been heavily involved in multidisciplinary airway management teaching for more than 10 years.

Andrew Brainard

The world’s best will show you how they do it. Difficult airways, surgical airways, video laryngoscopy, advanced supraglottic airways, live nasoendoscopy, airway simulation, and plenty more.

Anthony Lewis

Anaesthetist and simulationist, interested in enhancing medical education with technology.

Ian Summers

Ian Summers is an emergency physician and simulation educator at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. He loves teaching (especially airway and medical education) and often doubles up with presentations and doing the photography at a conference somewhere beautiful. You can find him on twitter or out bushwalking or playing with the kids.

James DuCanto, M.D.

The greatest aspect of my involvement with SMACC is the relationships I have formed within the United States as well as worldwide. Working together, we can find the gaps in quality and share simple but effective methods to improve healthcare practice and potentially, culture.

Laura Duggan

Laura is an Associate Professor and cardiothoracic anesthesiologist at the University of British Columbia, a Canadian Royal College examiner, and proud of her pediatric emergency medicine roots. She is currently the assistant head of the Canadian Airway Focus Group, a rather rowdy group of Canadians who publishes airway management guidelines intermittently. For her, the finest areas of medicine are those simultaneously “owned” by various specialties and professions; resuscitation, airway management, echocardiography and communication in crisis. Her area of inquiry is airway management; particularly observational studies looking at what we actually do in high-risk clinical situations. When not immersed clinical care, she can be found with at least one animal. Very proud of her ever-expanding network of collaborating colleagues in various acute care specialties and countries; cocktails are sometimes involved. Her family truly is her rock.

Laurence Boss

Anaesthetist. St George. Sydney

Michael Friis Tvede

Airway management aficionado, trauma anaesthesiologist, prehospital physician, consultant

Morgan Sherwood

Morgan is an anaesthetist and part-time Pre-Hospital Care practitioner. Medical education is a passion – delivering and receiving. One of three proud directors of Sunshine Coast Medical Education – simulation is his speciality.
he very much enjoys carb loading (Beer and Pizza) for endurance events – multi-sport, trail running and MTB.

Rebecca Louise Kornas

Rebecca is an emergency physician based in Denver, Colorado who has a keen interest in difficult airway management and teaching. Over the last few years, she has helped teach best practices to my local physicians, helped teach at the Rocky Mountain Winter Conference on Emergency Medicine, SMACC Berlin and will soon be joining the Difficulty Airway Course Emergency Medicine Faculty.

Reuben Strayer

Reuben Strayer was born on the shores of Lake Michigan but raised and schooled in Texas until emigrating to balmy Montreal for a residency in emergency medicine and is now based in New York City. His clinical areas of interest include airway management, analgesia, opioid misuse, procedural sedation, agitation, decision-making and error. His extra-clinical areas of interest include sweeping generalizations and jalapeno peppers. He lures himself out of bed with chocolate dipped in peanut butter before heading to Maimonides Medical Center, in Brooklyn, where he is happily employed.

Richard Morris

Years of experience in anaesthesia, intensive care and pre-hospital medicine have lead me to believe a practical approach to managing difficult is viatl for everyone in critical care. Managing the airway is a team activity requiring coordination and cotinued situational awareness.

Rob Scott

Rob is an Anaesthetist at St George Hospital, and Pre-Hospital & Retrieval Medicine specialist with Sydney HEMS. He is a passionate educator and particularly enjoys utilising simulation. Outside of medicine he loves to spend time with his wife and three daughters, especially getting outdoors, or in the water.

Rob Simpson

Intensive Care Paramedic, Educator, airway fanatic

Sarah McNeilly

Sarah is an anaesthetist specialising in trauma and major lower GI surgery anaesthetics. She is also a consultant at East Anglian Air Ambulance in my spare time. When she’s not at work, she enjoys off-shore racing, skiing, spending time with her family and she’s also currently really busy organising our wedding.

Scott Weingart

Scott is an ED Intensivist from New York. He did fellowships in Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and ECMO. He is best known for talking to himself about Resuscitation and Critical Care on a podcast called EMCrit, which has been downloaded > 30 million times.

Soren Steemann Rudolph

Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist, trauma manager and prehospital doctor from the University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark Level 1 trauma center, Emergency Medical Services Copenhagen and HEMS Denmark. Dedicated to trauma resuscitation, prehospital care and airway management.

Stu Marshall

Anaesthetist, educator and cognitive engineer (human factors). I use simulation to change how we work to make things safer and more efficient.

Victoria Stephen

Passionate Emergency Physician, ED director and ICU fellow. Brave African Discussions in Emergency Medicine (BadEM) Contributor

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